Planning and Scheduling.

One week, nine months, or somewhere in between...


Noyes Island Resort is open year-round to offer our customers an experience for any season, at any length of stay. Whether you’re celebrating a week-long occasion or just looking for a month-long escape, you can enjoy the peaceful, secluded retreat that is Steamboat Bay, rain or shine.


Planning your trip is made easy with help from our office staff, who will assist you in scheduling, customizing, preparing you for your excursions, or just answering any questions you may have regarding your stay with us.


Please Note: The Summer sport fishing months of June through August are booked at prespecified

rates and durations, to coincide with our Summer affiliate, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club.

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While booking a trip at Noyes Island Resort, we will assist you in reviewing all the options available for customizing your itinerary for each day. Everything from planning your meal menus to scheduling your daily recreation, excursions, and fishing outings will be set up beforehand. We strive to ensure that your retreat is everything you anticipate and nothing less.


What to Bring.


When considering what to pack, keep in mind that Alaskan weather can change on a moment's notice. We recommend traveling with soft-sided, water-repellent luggage with a medium-weight rain coat always at the top of your bags for easy access. Also, be sure to keep all medication with you when traveling.


Always be prepared for rain and wind, while keeping your attire casual and comfortable. Noyes Island Resort provides its guests with high quality all-weather gear and boots, but we suggest warmth and dryness still be considered in all clothing choices. We also recommend dressing in layers for optimal versatility.


Click the following button for a downloadable list of what to pack:



Feel free to ask for our island chef, or bring your own chef and kitchen staff, and we will fly in all of the ingredients for your custom menu.



Noyes Island Resort Steamboat Bay Beer and Wine List
Beer and Wine List
When to Visit.


A trip to Noyes Island Resort can be arranged for any time of the year, and for any kind of special occasion. A typical December here provides just the right amount of winter character to send you home with holiday stories for generations. The Spring months offer photographers a breathtaking change of season, and begin to reintroduce some of the native wildlife back into Steamboat Bay.


For those seeking one of Southeast Alaska's infamous sport fishing adventures, the Summer months around Steamboat Bay yield salmon runs second-to-none. Then, as the sun sinks lower into Autumn, the towering fireplaces, deckside hot tubs, and hand-carved furniture reveal Noyes Island Resort to be the model of Alaskan luxury, through any season.



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