Guided Fishing.

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Southeast Alaska sport fishing is exceptional due to the seasonal runs of spawning salmon, the resultant nutrient-rich spring runoff, craggy underwater topography, and warm Pacific upwelling.


Home to the only accommodations on Noyes Island, Steamboat Bay is quite simply the closest lodging to the best fishing in Southeast Alaska. Guests have been known to catch their salmon limits inside the bay, within minutes of the private dock. With its dream location, expert U.S. Coast Guard licensed fishing guides, and personalized guest services, we provide a singular luxury Alaskan sport-fishing experience.


*please visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for details on sport fishing regulations.

*apply for your fishing license and purchase a King Salmon stamp online here: Licenses and Permits




Fish of Southeast Alaska.


Famed for wild salmon fishing, Noyes Island's surrounding waters hold an abundance of king and silver salmon, halibut, lingcod, and more than 20 other Southeast Alaska sport fish, all of which make for an exciting adventure on the water. Guests may catch any of the following species, and can count on the support of our expert U.S. Coast Guard licensed fishing guides.


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Noyes Island Resort Steamboat Bay Alaska Fish Species
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Noyes Island Resort Steamboat Bay Alaska Fish Chart Seasons
Seasonal Fish Chart
Best Fishing Spots.


Optimally sited on Noyes Island’s craggy north coast, Noyes Island Resort presides within minutes of Southeast Alaska’s famed fishing grounds, all rife with marine life and reflective of the region’s rugged beauty.


While cruising between spots, guests can watch for humpback and killer whales, sea otters, and bald eagles.

Fishing Boats and Gear.


A knowledgeable guide who knows the top fishing spots can make all the difference on a fishing trip. So can the right boat and gear. At Steamboat Bay, guests are provided with all the requisite elements of luxury Alaska sport fishing, from top guides and custom-built boats to neoprene boots and perfectly baited hooks.


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Fishing Guides.


Among the best in Southeast Alaska, our experienced guides are masterful at assisting both novice and seasoned anglers.


U.S. Coast Guard trained and licensed, they captain our heated cabin cruisers, find the fish, offer instruction on Alaska-style techniques, bait your hook, and help bring in the catch—from king and silver salmon to halibut, lingcod, and rockfish. Through their expertise, our guides ensure that your luxury Alaska sport-fishing experience is exciting, rewarding, safe, comfortable, and customized to individual preference.


Guides also provide snacks, beverages, and picnic-style lunches, take on-board and resort lunch orders, and review fish-trimming options with you, passing along your preferences (whether steaks, fillets, butterfly fillets, or whole fish) to our professional seafood-processing crew.

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