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Noyes Island.


Noyes Island Resort is open year-round, providing beauty and serenity by way of an uninhabited natural sanctuary in southeast Alaska. Our experience in customer satisfaction is first-rate, and our service, staff, and adventures will not disappoint.


We, at Noyes Island Resort, wish to inspire our guests with a greater appreciation for peaceful living, by sharing our hidden treasure and offering lifelong memories to go with it. With our partners and our guests, we aim to live and improve on the values of integrity, dignity, and unity with nature, while always challenging ourselves to create a better experience.


Operations began at Steamboat Bay around 1917, when the Noyes Island Packing Company started the mild curing of salmon on site, then expanded into a full salmon cannery. The plant underwent major growth and renovation in the 1940s, until, under the ownership of the New England Fish Company, the cannery shut down in 1959 as Alaska became a part of the United States, and fish traps were outlawed.


After that time, there have been a small handful of owners who operated the facility as a fish packing and shipping site, until the massive structure was eventually abandoned, and left to the Alaskan elements.

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Originally formed from ancient volcanic activity, the surface of Noyes Island is covered by the majestic Tongass National Forest, its rugged terrain and towering conifers providing untouched shelter for native wildlife. A large lake, at the top of the island, feeds a generous northbound creek, which provides water and power to the resort before emptying its crystal waters into Steamboat Bay itself.


Plenty of remarkable marine wildlife are known to call Noyes Island and its waters home from humpback and orca whales to the king salmon, halibut, and endless varieties of other fish that make the area famous.

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Going Green.

Noyes Island Resort prides itself on providing all of our remote, luxury comforts, in an earth-conscious setting. We primarily harness solar and hydro-electricity to bring power and LED lighting to all corners of the resort, with any excess energy directed to heating our residences, greenhouse, and wood-drying rooms.


Crystal-clear water from our mountainside catchment area is carefully filtered and treated, and then sent directly to your faucet for your enjoyment. Guest transportation is provided by way of electric vehicles in order to help reduce our noise and footprint. Meticulous recycling and composting also extensively cut back on the amount of waste we haul off of the island.


We take our earth seriously.

Making Improvements.

Over the last 10 years, however, the current owners have developed the site into a private resort, inspired by the history and seclusion of the original development. The cannery may be gone, but its lumber and fixtures live on in the form of countertops, flooring, and cabin entries.


Some of the improvements to the site include a new pier and float plane dock, a quaint bunkhouse and crew quarters, a fruitful greenhouse, and enough reliable mechanical stability to keep the facilities active and comfortable year round.

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Building a Resort.

We began the revival and rejuvenation of the old cannery site in 2007, after landing via helicopter, near where the original docks and floats had long since rotted away. The first few years were spent repurposing the few existing structures for our first crews to live in during construction.


Shortly afterward, we began to rebuild the pier and float plane dock, and to design and build a lodge and multiple owners’ residences, all the while clearing roads and laying down the infrastructure to support an ambitious dream. Our crews have been tough, talented, persistent, and dedicated to our vision of quality, luxury, and originality.

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